Hi, my name is Noah and here is a bit about the purpose of this website

Whichever of the above definitions the word "syntax" is used for in a paticular case: it is important for the syntax to be correct!

Welcome to correctsyntax.com!

This website's current purpose is two-fold:
1. To share what I have learned about Scripture, computer programming and other various topics with others.
2. To be my portfolio of current and past projects I have developed, designed, created.

Our Heavenly Father, Yahweh's awesome Creation is full of correct syntax (the last definition) and so I want to share on that and share my experiences on how I have written and do write both syntaxically correct and incorrect code in different computer languages! Articles, tutorials and more can be found at the correctsyntax blog.

I am a servant of our Heavenly Father, Yahweh and a believer in Yahushua the Messiah. He has greatly blessed me to be able to study His Word, the Bible and to teach me many things from it. It is not my intent to condemn anyone, but rather to share what Yahweh has shown me through His Word. I am also a web and desktop software designer & developer and I want to use those skills to create software, websites, articles, videos, etc. to glorify Him.

I encourage you to thoroughly search out the references given on this website as I don't claim to be perfect in my understandings, abilities, thoughts or actions. Please consider what I have to share, and if you think I am in error according to the Word of Yahweh (the Bible), please do contact me.

I hope that this website is a blessing to you. Thank you!