Gimel Studio v0.2.0 Beta Release

Posted in Gimel Studio Projects | Last Edited on Roman May 19, 2020
Gimel Studio v0.2.0 beta has been released. This version includes important updates, fixes and more...

Gimel Studio is a non-destructive, real-time image graphics editing software program for Windows and Linux. In this version the Linux build is back, available for download on 64-bit systems.

Release highlights

The release highlights include:

  • Visual popup message has been added for rendering and file operations
  • Updated Mix node to use the newest blend types from Pillow
  • Tweaked the look of the nodes, scaled down the default size to be the "classic" size
  • Rearranged the default layout
  • File operation optimizations
  • Renderer optimizations
  • About dialog now shows libraries used (wxPython, Pillow, etc.)
  • Development now uses pipenv to handle dependencies

You can download the latest release here. Give your feedback via emailing me at