Release highlights

The release highlights include:

* New, faster Image Viewport with View Image and Export Image tabs

Export Image tab added which includes (advanced) options for export and an image preview

* Re-write/re-cleanup of core core

* UI re-esign

* Wrote docstrings for most important methods

* Many Node Graph fixes and improvements

- Larger node graph area which defaults in the center

- Context menu now shows Custom Nodes as well as the Core Nodes

- Bug fixes

* Nodes

- New Opacity node

- Output Composite now has a thumb preview like the rest of the nodes

- Image node now shows preview when image file is selected

* Custom Nodes API

- Cleaned-up API (method names, performance, etc.)

- Added docstrings

- API now uses wxPython directly for widgets in the Node Prroperties Panel

* Fixed bug with application freeze on saving .jpeg images

The Node Registry panel has been removed, until a workable solution can be figured out to be less clumsy.

You can download the latest release here.

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