v0.4.0 was mainly focused on improving stability and features of the GIMEL-STUDIO-PROJECT project file system, adding User Preferences and fixing features of the Node Graph.

This release also has a new dark theme (configurable in the User Preferences), which will be welcome to many I am sure. :)

Breaking changes


Old project files created in versions prior to v0.4.0 cannot be opened in version v0.4.0 and onward due to major changes in the Gimel Studio project file system.

Release highlights

The release highlights include:

* Improved documentation with Node API tutorials, etc.

* New User Preferences dialog with settings

* Native notification messages have been added for operations like file open, save, etc.

* Many bug fixes

* Added Save Project menu item

* New Light and Dark Node Graph theme

* Added new toolbar with Render and Quick Export options

* Added ability to pack images directly into the project file (meaning project files can be shared between users on different computers and Operating Systems without hassle)

* Stability of project files was improved

* Node Graph "Delete" node was improved to minimize accidental deletion of a single node.

* Node wire curving was implemented as a setting the user can toggle in User Preferences

You can download the latest release here. Thanks!

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