Gimel Studio is a free and open-source, non-destructive, node based image editor for Windows and Linux. It is currently still in beta and work in progress. It shouldn't be used for heavy production work as the internals are changing quickly and there could be bugs.


The latest update, version 0.5.3 beta was meant to be a bug-fix release focused on improving stability, visuals and usability.

What's New & Improved in v0.5.3 beta

Node Graph fixes and features

Added help instructions as to Ctrl+LMB to connect the selected node to the output for quick viewing. Changed the node delete shortcut to del to be more consistent to other programs.


Fixed flickering and unnecessary updating of properties panel for some nodes. Nodes can now be edited without the controls losing focus, etc

Bug Fixes

Some small visual fixes

The Next Step of Gimel Studio

We're currently planning the next big step of Gimel Studio development to make it a truly usable non-destructive, node-based image editor. This is happening in the new Github organization here.

You're welcome to join the Gimel Studio Discord, where you can present your ideas and thoughts and/or help out with development too. Special thanks to all who have been a part of planning already!

Download v0.5.3 beta

You can download the latest release here. Thank you!

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