What is Gimel Studio?

Gimel Studio is a software project I started writing in the fall of 2019 to provide a high quality node-based graphics editing program with customizable features via an API to script custom nodes and the ability to run on multiple platforms -yet with minimal dependancies.

It features a node-based workflow for real-time compositing, manipulating, generating and adding effects to images complete with a registry of 15+ nodes and a Python API allowing users to script their own custom nodes.

The software currently provides basic image editing features such as rotate, resize, opacity and blur effects, as well as more advanced editing capabilities such as generating normal maps from images for use in 3D programs like Blender and 3Ds Max.

Questions? Comments? Contact me at correctsyntax@yahoo.com

Gimel Studio Features

Explore the features built-in to the latest version of Gimel Studio. Resizing, rotating, blending & optimizing your photos for use on the web is just a start.
gimel studio features split

Edit Images with 15+ Filter, Color & Effects Nodes

Use the Gimel Studio, with the non-destructive workflow, support for popular image formats and a library of over 15 different nodes to tweak, adjust and edit raster image and photos to your needs.

Script Your Own Custom Nodes in Python

Add to the functionality already built into the core nodes by creating your own graphic effect, filter or manipulation node in Python using the provided Gimel Studio API.

Edit & Convert Textures for Use in 3D

Edit image textures and convert them to normal maps for use in 3D programs such as Blender, Maya, etc. Use core nodes from the Gimel Studio node registry to generate and export normal maps up to 4K resolution.

Download Gimel Studio

Download the latest version of Gimel Studio for Windows or Linux 64-bit systems.
Although Gimel Studio can be considered stable enough for light production work, it is currently in beta status so all features may not be 100% implemented and there might be bugs. If you do come across any bugs, please report them at correctsyntax@yahoo.com.

Help Develop Gimel Studio

Gimel Studio is an open-source project on Github. You are welcome to contribute to the project through the development and documentation of Gimel Studio.