The Brand & Logo

The Father’s Heart Vision did not have established colors, typography or design. So, as I worked through the website design & development process, I talked with them via phone calls to get a good understanding of the vision of the ministry.

fathers heart vision branding and logo

From the start, I knew that the logo for the Father’s Heart Vision needed to stand out because there were many other ministries online with a similar name.

The lantern icon with the rays of light coming forth was itself inspired by the vision of The Father’s Heart Vision. Their vision to share the love of our Heavenly Father, Yahweh’s with the world and the Bible verse, Psalms 119:105 inspired me to incorporate rays of light and a lantern into the final logo.

I decided to go with a blue color-scheme inspired by the blue colors I had seen in satellite images of the earth. I used shades of gray to compliment the blues throughout the website and logo.

I used both serif and sans-serif fonts to give the website and logo a clean, classic (yet serious) look.

Imagery for the website needed to help tell the vision of the ministry to proclaim the love of Yahweh to the whole world. I hand-picked and edited photos from their mission trips in Uganda and images of the world to use as backgrounds and unique, complimentary images for the website.

The Website

The Father’s Heart Vision was in need of a good website to represent the ministry outreach which Yahweh was doing through them in Uganda, parts of South Africa and the USA.

The major requirements for the website included:

  • a blog to be able to post about ministry updates, news, encouragement, etc
  • mobile-first layout and design
  • donations via PayPal
  • clickable image-map of the countries of the world

I created some some rough design templates for the website in Lunacy (Sketch for Windows) and after receiving positive feedback, I began to write the code to make the design reality.

the fathers heart vision website pages

I developed a custom theme for Wordpress with the Underscores starter CSS as a base and decided on a simple navigation style, both for the header and footer, that would allow visitors to navigate to the different page quickly.

Many of the page designs were simple but included important details such as the names of Yahweh and Yahusha in Hebrew lettering. For this, I wrote some custom CSS to allow the Hebrew letters to be written along-side the English text and used a special font as a fun addition. :)

One of the most interesting parts of the website was the interactive map with countries. If a country was highlighted in a lighter blue, clicking it would show the outreach of The Father’s Heart Vision in that part of the world.

the fathers heart vision interactive, clickable map


I learned a lot working with Wordpress and gained experience in both web development, design and UX. I received positive feedback and visitors were able to find the information they wanted on the website.

It was a blessing to work with Ryan and help him to inspire others to get involved with The Father’s Heart Vision to share the love of our Heavenly Father Yahweh with the world.