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Due to the variations of scope, complexity and other factors, one website pricing can be very different from another. Small projects can be priced based on my current base rate of $50/hr. For medium to large projects, we can discuss project-based pricing usually in the range of $1-20K.

The time frame for completing the website depends on your specific project, scope/complexity and your availability. That said, most end-to-end build projects I have worked on have taken anywhere from 1-8 months to complete.

As a service to my clients, I offer a general website upkeep service for their WordPress websites, to keep them running smoothly. This is billed at $30/hr with a minimum of 15 min.

The below process is for end-to-end web design projects and may vary based on project requirements.

Project Discovery

We sit down together (remotely, of course) and discover the specific requirements for the new website. This includes a review of your current website and an interview/questionnaire to understand the scope of the project and your ideas and goals. Using that information I make a plan for creating your new website.

Content Planning

At this stage, I request any images, videos, graphics and text that you have to include on the new website. If you already have text you want to use, great. Otherwise, we can work together to come up with some initial text that best represents your vision for the website (it can and probably will change later). Please note that I do not provide professional copywriting services.


Based on the plan we created in the Discovery stage, I start designing the key pages. I also organize the structure of the site to make navigation user-friendly. This is an iterative process in which I create design mock-ups and make adjustments until it fits the plan requirements and your satisfaction. Its likely that some things will change from the initial plan in this stage (and that’s okay).

Depending on the complexity of your website, we may decide to go straight to building the site on a private staging server so you can see it as if it was live and provide feedback.

Development & Quality Assurance

I work to turn the design mock-ups into a real, functional website. Throughout the development process, I strive to make sure the website is following best practices and meets the requirements in the plan.


I’m there to celebrate with you on your website’s launch and answer any questions you have. If applicable, I also provide any training on how to edit the website.

Yes, after your new website goes live I am available to address any issues that may arise soon after (30 days). I’m also happy to answer any questions you have and provide assistance as time permits. 🙂

I’m a resident of Missouri, USA and currently travel, working remotely. I work with clients in the US and abroad and can accommodate for differences in time zones.